Cherise & Candace are starting over.

Cherise Young – MAMFT, MAOL

Having switched from mental health clinician to personal coach and consultant, Cherise Young is the founder of My Oasis of Hope Coaching and Consulting. As a speaker and facilitator, Cherise offers the space, tools, and support to repair, recover, and rebuild. New to Dallas, Cherise is excited to rebuild her business and serve the DFW community!

In addition to facilitating monthly discussions on Meetup, Cherise hosts: 

1:1 Coaching

One-on-one life coaching is offered to individuals, couples, and groups to improve communication skills, resolve conflict, and maintain lasting and satisfying connections. Always focused on the client’s goals, holistic coaching sessions offer individualized and practical tools that can be applied to the identified concerns.

Mind M.O.S.A.I.C.

Meet. Outline. Strategize. Activate. Implement. Celebrate. 

MOSAIC is for women who find themselves in the midst of a life transition. Meet with other women who need support and accountability in accomplishing their goals while in the midst of their own rebirth/relaunch period.

M.O.S.A.I.C. is designed to help women ages 25 and older set and reach goals alongside 3-5 others. Live your dream life to its truest potential with the help of other women doing the same.

Hekima – Woman to Woman Mentoring

Hekima – Woman to Woman Mentoring provides monthly gatherings for women ages 16 and older. The goal is to foster healthy and helpful relationships between women of different generations and backgrounds that will lead to well-being in the home and workplace. Through presentation and fellowship, women are encouraged to build and nurture connections that support personal and professional development.

Candace Smith – MAOL

Candace is a single mom of one, a professional writer, and a journal therapist in training. She founded her blog in 2015 to help women reclaim their womanhood by looking above (spirituality), looking below (nature), and looking within (journaling). 

Also new to Dallas, Candace is excited to create a community of women interested in healing their hearts and minds through self-introspection and self-care. She hosts weekly journaling sessions and will travel long distances for a good cup of tea.